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Special Programs



      eMINTs (enhancing Missouri's Instructional Networked Teaching Strategies), a program sponsored by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)  and the Missouri Research and Education Network (MOREnet), transforms elementary classroom into places for learning where teachers and students use multimedia technology to better understand the world, work together and achieve at new and higher levels (MOREnet).  The Adair County R-I third through fifth grade classrooms are participants in the eMINTs program.


Title I Reading

        Adair County R-I has been a schoolwide Title I Program since 1997.  Title I is a federally funded supplemental program.  The purpose of Title I Schoolwide  is to use the key elements of the program to provide the enriched and accelerated learning experience necessary for ALL students to reach high standards.
       The Goal of our Schoolwide Title I Program is to improve the reading ability of our students.   To meet this goal, the district strives for small group instruction for all students.  The Title I reading specialist may work with a student one-on-one, in small groups of two to seven, or half of a larger class for reading instruction, depending upon the need.  
       Students in Kindergarten through second grade receive instruction  using the Guided Reading Model.  Students in grades 3-6 receive reading instruction with the Four Block Model.  Four Block builds off of Guided Reading with both methods realizing that all children do not learn at the same rate or in the same manner.  Students are taught essential reading skills through the process of reading.  Students develop positive attitudes and self-confidence, realizing that with practice everyone is a better reader.  Silent and oral reading skills, including phonics instruction and word-attack skills, are taught and practiced with emphasis on comprehension.  Reading and writing strategies are taught within the context of the literature the students are reading.
       For more information, contact your child's classroom teacher or the school's reading specialist, Peggy Maeder.  


Academic Team

      The Elementary Academic team is open to any student in grades 4-6.  Meets are held on the third and fourth Wednesday of each month.  End of year awards are given for each grade level.  Sponsors are Debbie Abbott, Donna Broadwell, and Brenda Matheney.


Parents as Teachers

      Parents as Teachers is offered at NO cost to ALL interested parents in the Adair County R-I School District.  Parents as Teachers provides personalized home visits by a certified parent educator, specially trained in child development.  Members can also attend group meetings with other parents in order to share experiences and gain insights about raising a child.  Parents as Teachers offers developmental screening to ensure that your child has no undetected learning problems.  To enroll in Parents as Teacher contact Adair County R-I School at 488-6411 or Velma Parsons, Parent Educator at 488-6667.


Character Education

     The Adair County R-I School District recognizes the importance of character education as an essential element to educating children.  Our children's moral development is the key to many of the social reforms for which we as a nation are striving.  Promoting good character means our children understand, care about and act upon certain core values such as honesty, respect, and responsiblity.  The goal of the Adair County R-I School District is to help our students develop the strength of character and knowledge they will need to participate in society as caring and responsible adult citizens. 
     In January 2002, the Adair County R-I School District received a state grant to further implement this initiative and involve the community in our efforts.  In March 2002, a community meeting was held to choose the nine character traits most important to our homes, school, and community.  These nine traits are listed below.  Throughout the school year, one word will take focus each month.  These words will be promoted through character education assemblies, integration into classroom curriculum, adult role modeling, monthly community events and school wide and community visibility of posters, signs and banners.  Students are given many opportunities to "experience" the character traits, see them in action and feel them rather than just talk about them.  Character education then becomes a process of constant growth and internalization rather than just another program.
















Good Attitude



"Live so that when children think of fairness, caring and integrity, they think of you"  -Jackson Brown