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Program Philosophy                                                                    page 4

Program Goals and Evaluation                                      page 4

Curriculum                                                                                page 5

Enrichment                                                                               page 5

Nap Time                                                                                 page 5

Parent Education/Involvement/Communication             page 5

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Arrival                                                                                      page 7

Departure                                                                                 page 8

Person Authorized to pick up child                                         page 8

Health                                                                                      page 8

Insurance                                                                                  page 9

Illness and Injury                                                               page 9

Medication                                                                               page 9

Bathroom Skills                                                                        page 9

Safety Policies                                                                          page 10

Behavior Guidance                                                                      page 10

Parent – Center Communication                                     page 11

Feedback/Suggestions/Grievances                                           page 11

Data Privacy                                                                             page 12

Anti-Bias Policy                                                               page 12

Child Abuse/Neglect                                                              page 12

Classroom Parties                                                              page 13

Toys                                                                                         page 13

Dress                                                                                       page 13

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Daily Schedule                                                              page 15








August 22 – 23                                     Local Teacher Workdays

August 24                                                         First Day of School

September 5                                                     Labor Day (no school)

October 7                                                        No School – Dist. Teachers’ Meeting

October 21                                                      End of First Quarter (40 days)

October 27                                                      Parent/Teacher Conference 1:00-7:00 P.M.           

                                                                        Dismiss at 12:45

October 28                                                      No School – Professional Development

November 23                                                   Early Dismissal - 12:45

November 24 - 25                                            No School – Thanksgiving Break

December 22                                                   End of First Semester (40 days)

December 22                                                   Early Dismissal – Christmas 12:45

December 23 – January 3                                  No School – Christmas Break

January 4                                                          School Resumes

January 16                                                        No School – Martin Luther King Day

February 20 & 21                                            No School – President’s Day

March 10                                                         End of Third Quarter (47 days)

March 16                                                         Parent/Teacher Conference 1:00-7:00

                                                                        Dismiss 12:45

March 17                                                         No School – Professional Development

April 13                                                            Dismiss at 12:45  Easter/Spring Break

April 14 – 18                                                    Easter/Spring Break

May 21                                                            Graduation 2:00

May 23                                                            Last Day of Classes  Dismiss at 12:45

May 24                                                            Teacher Workday


School will dismiss early the 1st and 2nd  Wednesday of each month however:

Preschool will follow same hours on these dates and not dismiss.



#1             February 21

#2        May 24                       

#3        April 18                                           

#4        April 17

#5        May 25

#6        May 26     





Welcome to the Novinger Preschool/Daycare Program.  We are pleased you have enrolled your child with us and look forward to becoming better acquainted.


This handbook has been designed to provide you with important information about our program and the policies and procedures, which affect you and your child.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you are encouraged to call the Program Director or Elementary Principal


(660) 488-6411




Connie J. H. Charles, Elementary Principal

Rhonda Miller, Program Director and Teacher

Jenny Yos, Preschool Teacher

Brenda Shumaker, Secretary



Adair County R-1 School District Mission Statement




Mission Statement


The Adair Co. R-1 School District will prepare students for success with life long learning skills that will guide the students through an ever-changing world.


Beliefs & Vision of Adair Co. R-1 School

Through the strengths and efforts of the Adair Co. R-1 School District:




Program Model


Novinger Preschool/Daycare is a school based preschool/daycare program designed to meet the developmental needs of children three to five years of age.  Children must be three years old by August 1 or four years old by August 1 of the program year to enroll in the program.   A full day program is provided to serve 20 children throughout the school calendar year.  Children must attend five days a week between the hours of 8:00 to 3:20, Monday through Friday.

Program Philosophy


Learning is determined neither by nature nor environment alone, but the individual through interactions with people and the physical environment constructs knowledge.  Children will gain some autonomy as they learn to make choices and to regulate their own behavior within the social environment.  Children need sufficient time and numerous opportunities to act on the environment and to reflect on their actions.  Experimenting, creating, and imagining in a safe, caring environment where they are encouraged to be physically and mentally active results in meeting the needs of the “whole” child.


Program Goals and Evaluation



1.      A Curriculum that will provide opportunities for enhancing active learning in the areas of gross motor and fine motor. Kindergarten readiness skills will be evident in 80% of enrolling kindergarteners who attend the school-based preschool.

2.      To provide a safe environment and nutritious meals to twenty 3 and 4 year old preschoolers of the Adair County R-I school district.

3.      To provide a positive enriched environment addressing social skills, academics and early intervention strategies.

4.      To educate families and caregivers concerning medical homes.




1.      80% of the children who attend the school-based preschool will demonstrate kindergarten readiness skills on the DIAL 3 Screening.

2.      The preschool will meet and maintain childcare licensure through the Department of Health and Senior Services. The preschool will obtain accreditation within three years.

3.      Parents will evaluate the program at spring Parent Teacher conferences through a checklist that addresses the program goals. 

4.      Children health screenings and immunization records will indicate the children’s families and caregivers are meeting medical needs.

5.      Maintaining an enrollment of 20 children 3 and 4 years of age.





The curriculum for the program is a Missouri Based Curriculum called Project Construct.  This curriculum is derived from constructivism – the theoretical view that learners construct knowledge through interaction with the physical and social environments.  Through “Hands-on, Minds-on” experiences, students in Project Construct classrooms attain deep understandings in the core content areas, while they also learn to work collaboratively with adults and peers and to be life long problem solvers.  The Project Construct Curriculum will be used and integrated in with thematic instruction.  It provides a framework for teachers to use in making appropriate classroom decisions and focuses on learning through play with age appropriate group activities and learning center designed to stimulate language development, build self-esteem, and allow for individual differences.




The Novinger Preschool is located within the Adair County R-1 District’s facility.  This allows the preschool to provide the children access to the library for special story time 30 minutes a week. Parents may check books out with children between 8:00 and 8:20 each morning of the week.  Students will also experience music, P.E. art, and guidance class each week.


Nap Time


The children will nap for a minimum of 45 to 60 minutes a day.  Parents are to provide a mat for their child to nap on.  The mat must be large enough so the child does not hang off from the mat.  The mats will be stored in the child’s cubbie and be cleaned and disinfected once a week.


Parent Education/Involvement/Communication


The preschool program will work in collaboration with the PAT (Parents As Teachers) educator to promote parent education, involvement, and communication.  This will include group meetings and parent education meetings.  Parents will be encouraged to volunteer in the classroom and be a part of the Parent Advisory Committee.  Communication from school to home will include weekly newsletters, conferences in the fall and spring, and notes or phone calls as needed.


Parent Advisory Committee


The role of the Parent Advisory Committee is to be actively involved and provide input pertaining to the preschool program.  All parents are invited to participate.   Meetings will be held at least two times a year.







Payment and Fees


It is essential your fees be paid promptly and regularly.  All fees must be paid in accordance with the following schedule:

Preschool Fees:


Breakfast and Lunch:


The facility will have available breakfast, lunch, and snack.  Meals and snack will meet the requirements established by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and Federal Lunch Program.  Currently breakfast and lunch are covered with the preschool fee; however a free and reduced lunch form must be completed to determine each child’s daily rate.


Preschool Hours


8:00 to 3:20


Because of teacher duties, faculty meetings, etc., it is very important the children be picked up on time.  BE SURE AN EMERGENCY PERSON IS DESIGNATED, IN WRITING, TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD IN THE EVENT YOU ARE UNABLE.


If because of weather or emergency condition, the Adair County R-1 School closes or cancels school for the day, The Novinger Preschool is also closed.  Please listen to the local radio and television stations for this information.


Child Care Hours


7:30 to 8:00 A.M.

3:20 to 5:30 P.M.


This service is only available for parents who are working or going to school.  If you are late picking your child up, you will be charged $1.00 a minute for the first five minutes, or until 5:35.  After 5:35, you will be charged $5.00 a minute.  The clock in the preschool room will determine the time and the fee is due the next day.




For your child’s safety, we require that you or an authorized adult bring your child in to the program each morning.  Sign your child in upon arrival.  Be sure the instructor is aware of your child’s arrival before you leave.


If you are going to be away from your place of work for the day, be sure to leave a telephone number where you can be reached in case you are needed for a medical emergency.


Please call the program by 8:30 am if your child will not be attending that day.





When picking up your child, be sure the teacher knows the child is leaving.  This procedure is for your child’s protection.  Be sure to sign your child out of the program.  The Parent Notepad located along side the attendance sheet is to record any messages to staff concerning your child.  We ask you write down any verbal messages so throughout the day staff is kept informed.


Person Authorized to Pick Up Child


Parents must provide the Novinger Preschool with the names of persons authorized to pick up the child. This will be part of your child’s emergency form. It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to inform the program of any changes in the names of persons authorized.


We will release children to authorized persons only.  If necessary, photo identification or other official documentation may be requested by the program before the child is released.  If someone other than an authorized person is to pick up our child, please notify the program in writing.   This is different than school procedure, but must be followed do to licensing procedures.


Copies of legal documents must be provided to the Program Director before any staff person can actively prevent non-custodial parents from picking up their child.




Each child must provide evidence of immunizations upon enrollment at the preschool. 

The Adair County Health Office will provide screenings and physicals within the first 30 days of each calendar year for your child.  The school physical is an option for parents, however each child must have a physical.  This physical must include a TB test and lead test.  Parents are encouraged to be present on the day physicals are done at school, but do not have to be. Paper work for the physical will need to be completed and returned to the preschool the day before the physicals.


Each child will be required to have the accident insurance made available by the school district.  Your preschool fees will cover the cost for this insurance, but parents must fill out the form.  This insurance will help cover the cost if your child should be injured at school.

Illness and Injury


The following symptoms could indicate a contagious disease.  Please do not send children to the Preschool when they have:

·        Fever of 100 degrees or more – must be fever free/Tylenol free 24 hours

·        Vomiting

·        Diarrhea

·        Infection of the eyes

·        Lice

·        Skin rashes

·        Constant sneezing and/or a productive cough

·        Communicable disease such as impetigo, chicken pox, strep throat ….


If your child should show any of these symptoms we will notify the parent to come pick up the child.   The same would apply to an injury.  For this reason, it is extremely important to keep emergency information up to date.




Prescribed medicines will be given only to the written order of a physician.  Medicine is to be brought to the school, by the parent, in the original container and given to the school nurse to dispense.  The container must state student’s name, date prescribed, dosage amount to be taken, time medication is to be taken, physician’s name, phone number, and any possible side effects.  If the child is to take an over the counter cough medicine or children’s Tylenol, it too is to be sent in its original container and given to the school nurse to dispense.


You MUST also complete a MEDICATION AUTHORIZATION form as required by the Missouri Department of Health for ALL medications.


Bathroom Skills


The program expects the child to be able to go to the bathroom with little assistance.  If a child should have persistent accidents on a daily basis, the child will be dismissed from the program.  The program will give a child two weeks to determine if this is a problem or not.


Safety Policies


1.                  All electrical outlets must be covered when not in use.

2.                  Staff, children and parents must wear shoes or always have covering on their feet.

3.                  Any bottle must be disposable or plastic, no glass.

4.                  Children are supervised at all times.

5.                  All children enter and exit through the north door before 8:30 and after 3:20 (No child ever leaves from the playground). 

6.                  If picking a child up between 8:30 and 3:15, a parent must enter through the main doors at the center of the school.  However you may exit at the north door.

7.                  Any child who is deemed dangerous to other children will be dismissed from the program by the Program Director and Elementary Principal

8.                  Fire drills will be held monthly.

9.                  Disaster drills will be held every three months.

10.              All children must be signed in and signed out.



Behavior Guidance


Staff shall provide each child with guidance that helps the child acquire a positive self-concept.  Discipline and behavior guidance used by each staff member will always be constructive, positive, and suited to the age of the child.


The following rules and standards will apply in the Preschool:

1.                  To prevent unacceptable behavior from occurring, the staff will:

a.       Model appropriate behavior for the children.

b.      Arrange the classroom environment to enhance the learning of behaviors that are acceptable.

c.       Use descriptive praise when displaying appropriate behavior (i.e. “Look at the good helpers pick up the blocks!”)

2.                  When unacceptable behavior is about to occur/is occurring, the staff will use:           

a.       Redirection:  substituting a positive activity for a negative activity.

b.      Distraction:  change the focus of the activity or behavior.

c.       Active listening:  to determine the underlying cause of behavior.

d.      Time out:  separation from the group is used only when less intrusive methods have been tried and the behavior of the child is dangerous to themselves or the other children.  In the event time out is used, the child will remain in sight and hearing of the staff.  The child will be separated from the group for a maximum of five minutes.

3.                  Staff is expressly prohibited from using unproductive or shaming methods of punishment as well as corporal punishment.


This program believes parents and childcare staff must work together to deal with persistent behavioral issues such as biting, or unusual or dangerous aggressions to self or others. In severe cases, danger to self or others, or if a problem persists, the child will be removed from the classroom, taken to the principal’s office, and parents will be notified. If the child would continue to be a threat to self and/or others, the parent will be requested to remove the child from the program.


Parent – Center Communications


Daily contact between parent and teacher is an important part of the program.  By sharing information concerning your child’s activities and welfare, we can work together to meet the child’s needs.


Newsletters are sent home bi-weekly to keep parents informed of upcoming events, changes in policy, recent program happenings, and parenting “tips.”


Parent-teacher conferences are offered in the fall and spring for establishing understanding, cooperation, and consistency between the home and program.  Either the parent or teacher can arrange additional conference as the need arises.


Parent participation and observation is encouraged.  Parents who have a child enrolled in the program may visit the program anytime during the hours of operations.  In this manner, parents can gain a deeper understanding of their child and the program.  Some parents have special talents, skills, or experiences they can share with the children.  Others may have some time to spend helping in the classroom or chaperoning a field trip. 


Information concerning family issues and personal lives will be handled confidentially.  In case of a divorce, separation, joint custody ruling, every effort must be made to treat both parents equally.  Without legal documentation, the staff cannot act as though one parent is more fit than another to the legal rights of their child.


Parent nights and family nights will be held throughout the year.  Below are three that are currently scheduled for Pre K-6 grade families.  Others events, related to preschool issues early childhood learning will be scheduled throughout the year in conjunction with Parents as Teachers.

Pet Theme Night                            Pre K-6                      October 13 @ 6:30

Book Fair                                                                                 October 24-28

Fairy Tales Theme Night                 Pre K-6                      February 7 @ 6:30

Book Fair                                                                                 March 13-17

Family Theme Night                            Pre K-6                      April 6 @ 6:30

This does not include all special events and these are subject to change.




The staff welcomes comments and suggestions to improve the quality of the program.  When areas of concern arise, the problem should be brought to the attention of the Program Director who will hear your suggestions and/or grievance and attempt to work through the problem.  If a solution cannot be found, the parent and Program Director may confer with the elementary principal.


Data Privacy


The only persons permitted to see your child’s file would be you; the parent or legal guardian, the Program Director, the Preschool Teacher, Elementary Principal, Elementary Secretary, officials of state licensing, and Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.


It is our policy not to disclose the names of children who may have caused injuries to other children while at the program.  This is a safeguard for each family’s data privacy.


We will not verify your child’s enrollment to anyone via the telephone, or in person, without your consent.


Anti-Bias Policy


Our program is committed to anti-bias education.  This means we share a commitment to human rights, dignity of the individual and social justice.  We strive to create a program, which truly reflects the lives of our children, families, staff and community.  By recognizing the impact bias plays on families, we will make every effort to provide culturally responsible education by affirming human differences and the right of people to make choices about their own lifestyles.  We seek to recognize, appreciate, and respect the uniqueness of each child.


·        Recognize the beauty, value, and contribution of each child.

·        Foster high self-esteem and positive self-concept in children.

·        Teach children about their own culture or handicap.

·        Introduce children to other cultures and handicapping conditions.

·        Provide children with a positive experience exploring similarities and differences.

·        Encourage children to respect other cultures.

·        Increase children’s ability to talk with and play with people who are different from them.

·        Help children to be a group member.

·        Help children live happily and cooperatively in a diverse world.

·        Help children notice and do something about unfair behavior and events.


Child Abuse/Neglect


The State of Missouri Department of Health requires that all members of childcare institutions be on the lookout for, and report to the State, any and all cases of abuse to a child.  The Novinger Preschool/Daycare is therefore obligated to report to the State any suspected cases of child abuse and/or neglect.


Classroom Parties


Parents will be responsible for providing complete classroom parties.  Sign up sheets will be provided by the Program Director for this.  Parties will be planned for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.  There may be other thematic events that require parent help. We ask that each parent help some way with one of the celebrations.  NOTE:  All treats must be store bought and prepared.


Birthdays may be celebrated by the birthday child.  It is up to the parent as to whether they would like to send treats or tokens to celebrate, but it is not required.  If a parent sends treats, they must be store bought.  Since the preschool provides snack, a birthday book given to the class in honor of the child is a nice alternative to treats.




The Center classroom is adequately equipped with toys, games, and materials of special interest to young children.  We ask personal toys be left at home.  It is difficult to be responsible for personal play items as they can be easily damaged, misplaced, or lost at school.




A wide range of activities is planned for each day.  It is recommended that your child dress in comfortable, washable clothing.  Your child will also need to bring an art shirt or smock to protect clothing.  Please choose clothing items that are suitable for the child’s ability to dress independently.  These features include:


·        Few fasteners - Avoid button/snap pants unless the child can fasten him or her self.

·        Armholes and sleeves of good size

·        Simple styles

·        Clothes that allow freedom of movement

·        Shoes that are appropriate for outdoor play and P.E.  Children should be able to run and skip in their shoes.


An extra set of clothes may be left at preschool.  Please put them in a large plastic bag and label with your child’s name.



Material and Supply List



·        2 disposable cameras (optional)

·        1 gallon size Ziploc bags (boys)

·        1 sandwich size Ziploc bags (girls)

·        2 containers Baby Wipes

·        1 hand sanitizer, pump form

·        1 box of Markers (boys)

·        1 box of Crayola crayons (girls)

·        2 boxes of Kleenex

·        4 glue sticks

·        1 Backpack

·        1 paint shirt or smock

Please put your child’s name on everything, including coats and backpacks.




Daily Schedule


                                    7:30 to 8:05                 Assigned Table Activities

8:05 to 8:20                        Clean up room, bathroom and hand washing

8:20 to 8:50                        Breakfast

8:50 to 9:20                        Group Time

9:20 to 10:06                        Centers

10:06 to 10:56                        Specials

11:05 to 11:35                        Bathroom and hand washing and lunch

11:35 to 11:50                        Independent Reading Time

11:50 to 12:50                        Recess

12:50 to 1:15            Bathroom and hand washing, relax with a book

1:15 to 2:15            Rest Time

2:15 to 2:45            Snack

2:45 to 3:20            Centers

3:20 to 5:30            Continued Centers, recess, and group time